Best Back to School Hacks: Real life advice from Canadian parents

kids on a school bus

Getting back to school can be a stressful and expensive time of year.  So, we wanted to help Canadian families de-stress and save money by finding out how parents and kids prepare for a new year of hitting the books.

On Thursday, August 27th 170 people joined CST’s #MyBTSHack Twitter party and took the Twitterverse by storm.   If you missed it here’s a snap shot.

Everyone shared hacks so incredible that #MyBTSHack was trending online within the first 20 minutes!  


From money-saving tips for back to school shopping to advice on keeping busy families organized – the #MyBTSHack Twitter party covered a lot of ground.

Here are some of the best back to school hacks of the night. Real life advice from parents right across the country.

BTShack Q1

BTSHack A1

BTSHack A1 shop sales

BTSHack Q2

BTSHack A2

BTSHack A2 casserole

BTSHack Q3

BTSHack A3

BTSHack A3 app flipp

BTSHack A3 - flyers, list

BTSHack Q4

BTSHack A4 - chore

We hope some of these ideas will help you and your family ease back into the swing of things those first few exciting and stressful weeks.