Happy Familiy

Plan in advance to make sure you don't burn out your budget

What better time to take a road trip than the summer?  Load up the car, pack snacks and games for the kids and head out on your family adventure!  Admittedly along the journey, it can be easy to spend more than you planned.   Unexpected expenses come up – everything from surprise treats to a flat tire can be costly.  Here the top 5 tips from our CST family to keep your family's road trip on track!

Cyborgs Group

"They’ve come up with an innovation that doesn’t exist in the world today and they’re just passionate about making a difference.”

They are only 11 to 14 years old and they’ve developed an app they believe will help blind children and adults learn how to read Braille. 

Blog Summer

By Edyta McKay

Kids can be expensive. Between the excitement of the first week of summer and the Canada long weekend (why did it have to fall on a Wednesday this year?) I had to do a double take when I peered into my back account.  I found myself wondering how on earth I was going to pay for those groceries, let alone my monthly RESP contribution!  So with my good friend the internet I have tracked the top 10 things to do without spending a dime!  


"To me, being Canadian means appreciating the abundance of cultural diversity in our country."

When you meet Crystal Song, she is full of energy and ambition.  She’s the kind of person you meet and instinctively think, “we’re going to say we knew her when.”

Crystal is 17 years old and has just graduated from Vancouver Technical Secondary School.  She is the 2015 recipient of the CST Karthiha Guruparan Scholarship. 

Tess Grad

Martha Turner is Vice President, Marketing at CST Consultants Inc.  

She is also a CST client and shares her personal story of reaching a momentous milestone, helping to make her daughter's dreams come true.