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This blog was written by Peter Lewis.  Peter is the Vice President at Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation and was active in securing the Alberta Centennial Education Savings grant  nearly a decade ago. 

With a new government poised to lead Alberta, it’s a good time for the newly elected premier to reflect on what matters most to families.  Is it education, health, financial well being, or all of the above?  Whatever it may be, last night’s election results showed Albertans wanted change.

With the Women’s World Cup taking place this summer, it’s shaping up to be a big year on and off the field for soccer star Christine Sinclair. Today we were thrilled to announce  the national women’s team captain and Olympic medallist, as the new ambassador for the CST Inspired Minds campaign.  Sinclair will also be a category judge in the #CSTLearningProject.

Show of hands, who likes talking about their finances at 6:30 in the morning? What if we gave you a double shot of espresso?

BT host Frank Ferragine, and father to a 16 year old, received a quick tutorial (VIEW VIDEO HERE) on all things education savings from CST including:

  • how much he'll have to spend on tuition fees in the future
  • the tax benefits from having an RESP
  • matching government grants and how to maximize the money he'll receive

CST helps #BTsuperkids

Super heroes aren't just for make believe.  Meet, Charlotte
Carter - Osburn.  Charlotte is the first of three #BTsuperkids and is a true super hero to the kids in her class and community.


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