This year has brought plenty of changes for parents navigating their children’s futures. While dealing with unexpected challenges and new opportunities, families are finding ways to innovate, dream big and defy the odds.

If you’ve ever thought about how life would be if we didn’t have the ability to communicate, you’ll understand that it’s a critical skill to have. When we think about innovating through communication, it means mastering three fluencies (digital, writing and speaking) to share information to a wide range of audiences.

In an interconnected world, communication is one of the key 21st century skills that will help transform the way societies interact with each other. This skill can be found at the core of the work done by the Inspired Innovators.

Whether a future career involves navigating a global health crisis or finding solutions to societies most pressing issues, fostering a culture of innovation means sharing our ideas and thinking outside the box to find new solutions to pressing issues. Critical thinking is a key skill needed for innovation success.

Citizenship means living in a way that recognizes our world as increasingly connected, complex and interdependent. We become great innovators and global citizens when we consider how one choice and one action can have repercussions for people around the world.

Creativity is about more than creating beautiful works of art. It means having an entrepreneurial eye to ask the right questions that generate novel ideas, and it means putting those ideas into practice. Each day, we as humans have a choice to either stay the course or to push the envelope of our own understanding, beliefs and biases. When we give ourselves freedom and permission to blaze new trails, amazing things can happen.


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