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School wasn’t always a welcoming place for Bernadette.  Bullies were part of her life from a young age.

“At one point, I found out about a petition that some of my classmates at school made to ban me from the girls’ change room,” Bernadette explained.  “Some of my friends even signed it.  I guess they felt uncomfortable thinking I was a lesbian.  That hurt a lot.  There is so much bullying around assumptions.”

Bernadette has two gay dads, a lesbian mother, and her sister is bisexual.

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Imagine being a child and not having a place to play.  No outdoor play space, no playground – just a patch of gravel.

This was the case for children in New Westminster in British Columbia. 

“It was just barren.  The kids didn’t even have a gym in the school,” said Ronda Field, Vice Chair of the Qayqayt Elementary School Parents Advisory Committee.  The school is home to almost 500 students from kindergarten to Grade 7.

Getting to a park wasn’t easy for area families.

Kids Making Food

Welcome to Clavet, Saskatchewan.  Population 386.

It may be small but it is mighty.  Every day the village triples in size when over 650 students are bussed in from surrounding centres. 

“The bus rides are very long,” said Violet Dilsner, an educational assistant at Clavet School, “After sitting on the bus for an hour they’re hungry.”

“We used to have a pop machine that was sold out all the time,” said Carolyn Hoppe, Clavet’s Public Health Nurse. 


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