Promo Graduate

You’ve spent the past 17 years dreaming of this day. All those years of hauling your kids to school, packing lunches and then checking homework assignments are finally over. You’ve painstakingly visited college and university campuses, watched your child anxiously sort through mail until they received the acceptance letter from their post-secondary school of choice and helped them send their acceptance letter. Now you’re planning for your child’s graduation day, and perhaps even planning that last family summer vacation before your now not-so-little one heads off to – gasp – college!

Mother and Daughter

There's a lot of conversation about public policy as it relates to post-secondary education. But education isn’t just about public policy; it’s about encouraging children to excel and inspiring them to fulfil their dreams for the future. At CST Consultants we believe it’s not public policy that will motivate a child; it’s the education positive environment that she grows up in that instils in her the belief that achieving any dream is possible. It’s about what happens in families and with their children. I know. I have seven of my own.