Frugal Family Fitness

low cost or no cost ideas for working out and getting active with the family

Are you looking to work up a sweat without wearing out your wallet? There are many ways to get the whole family active, while still being frugal, and pay little or no money at all.

Get outside: No matter the season or reason, the whole family can enjoy outdoor activities and develop active, healthy habits with the proper weather gear. Grab the stroller, take the baby for a walk and explore the neighbourhood! Head out to the park with the kids and enjoy everything from playing ball in the summer to ballgame to a snowball fight. Run, laugh and play with the whole fam and you’ll forget that you’re working up a sweat too! If you’ve got a furry, four-legged friend with endless energy, even better. Everyone will have a great time trying to keep up!

Classes: If you’d rather join a class but don’t want to spend a lot of cash, there are tons of workout videos online that can take you through the steps. There are even online workouts that are fun for kids of all ages. Another option is to check out nearby community centres which often offer lower rates for gym fees and services.

Get moving: Lace up those runners and hit the pavement or area trails! You can even find running or walking clubs in your area, which may be, low or no cost, to join.  Don’t feel like running or walking and  want to mix it up? Or maybe, you and the kids just aren’t up for heading outside? Grab a jump rope, find the right space at home, and get that heart pumping! For new moms looking to get active after baby, these tips can help set you up for success.

Sports: Prefer to play with a team? Just search for community sports teams. If you or your kids are in need of equipment, there are stores that you can check out, either online or in-person, to find gently used sports equipment.

No gym? No problem. Set up your own personal home gym. You can find deals online for second-hand equipment. Reach out to family and friends for exercise bikes, treadmills or weights they may be looking to get rid of.

Yoga: Get to know the yoga studios in your area. Some may offer “pay what you can” classes at certain times of the month. Others also offer classes in exchange for services like working the front desk or light clean up in the studio. Again, there are lots of instructional videos online that can help yogis big and small!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the family active and into fitness. The health benefits are worth it. You can still have fun and exercise without spending big bucks! 

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