Giving Children a Chance to Discover Science

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By:  Sarah Newcombe

Winning $25,000 in the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project competition last year has meant so much to our organization, but it has meant even more to the students whose eyes have been open to the wonderment and possibilities of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Thanks to our CST winnings, Scientists in School has been able to provide 108 complimentary workshops to under-resourced schools across Ontario and Southern Alberta. That means that close to 3,000 kids will become young scientists in school.

We believe that every child deserves to be inspired by science. Our award-winning classroom program makes that a reality by bringing STEM and the environment to life. We hear the squeals of glee as a new discovery is made. We see the inquisitive eyes, furrowed brows, and hands furiously working. If you were to peek into one of our classroom workshops, you would find children transformed. They are no longer just students, these children are scientists!

Many of the students who have been impacted by our complimentary workshops need the opportunity to see that careers in STEM are a possibility for them in the future and that STEM-learning is interesting, exciting and relatable. They need to feel inspired to dream big, reach high, and set lofty goals for themselves. By opening the door to STEM-learning through our classroom workshops, we are helping students to do just that. 

Thanks to the thousands of voters and Scientists in School supporters during the competition.  We are making a real difference in the lives of those students who need it most!

As we prepare to enter the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project competition this year, we cannot help but be grateful for the support that CST provides. As a charity, the funding we received has helped us continue to further our mission and vision. 

We can’t wait to inspire and motivate even more students this year! 

Learning Project 2015 - Cheque - Scientists in Schools

That’s a really big cheque!  

(L-R) Amy Schindler, Director of Fund Development & Communications and Cindy Adams, Executive Director, Scientists in School

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