Graduation Gift Ideas for All Ages

Tips for graduation gift ideas for students of all ages

Graduation is a time of accomplishment. It’s the moment when all the hard work comes together and is a major milestone for a child.

Finding the right gift to mark this momentous occasion can be tricky. What does a child want? Is there anything the graduate needs? What will help the child in the future?

Whether it's a kindergarten graduation or the student is in cap and gown receiving a PhD, graduation is a moment of pride and achievement for both child and parent. You've made it!

What to get your kindergarten graduate

Your little one’s future is so big and bright! What will he or she grow up to be? The possibilities are endless.

Books are always a great gift to give, no matter what age your graduate is. Whether it’s a book of encouragement or one that celebrates achievement, just write a message on the inside cover and you’ve got a special graduation keepsake that can be read fondly for years to come.

You can also give a gift towards a child’s future education. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend, you can contribute to a child’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), which can help with the rising costs of post-secondary education. It’s just one of the benefits of an RESP.

Another great graduation gift idea for little ones is a special backpack filled with supplies like pencils, crayons and notebooks to help them get ready for the next school year. Kids can get creative and continue to build their skills over the summer while getting excited about starting grade one.

Gifts for middle school graduates

If you’re crafty, creating a graduation keepsake box to hold mementos from the big day is one way to capture the moment. You can also do the same with a personalized photo album, whether it’s a physical book or digitally designed online.

Graduation may also be the perfect time to give the gift of technology, especially if your child has been asking for a smartphone or computer. Going onto high school means more homework and responsibility, and a lot of work is done online. Tips for navigating tweens and technology can help parents get used to this new technological landscape.

What to get the high school graduate

Graduating from high school is a major milestone and perhaps is the right occasion for giving a nice piece of jewellery, such as earrings, a necklace or a watch. You can also personalize or engrave a piece with a child’s initials or a proud message as a remembrance of graduation.

Finding out what college or university a student is going to can also help you find the perfect gift. Once you know that, just go online to find school swag and load up! Whether it’s a school sweatshirt, coffee mug, or a swanky new bag in school colours, your grad will arrive on campus in style and full of school spirit.

A student’s program of study can also give you clues. Is the grad into the creative arts and will need art supplies? Will the student need specific tools for a career in the trades?

Is a new computer needed to tackle a grad’s upcoming course load? How about a videocamera for the student headed for a journalism career? There are so many possibilities.

Throw in a gift card or two to their favourite coffee shop or to help them with decorating their dorm room and you’ve got a great gift to celebrate a student’s exciting next step!

Finding the perfect graduation gift for college, university or trade school

This is an incredible time for a student to shine and it’s another milestone that can again be marked by giving a sparkly and shiny piece of jewellery.  A celebratory bottle of champagne can help add a festive feel to this amazing accomplishment!

What’s next for your grad can give you clues for the perfect gifts.

Will the graduate be diving into the workforce? Maybe the new professional will need a slick new computer bag or purse to make an impression at the office. Think about what career the grad is pursuing and if there’s an item that will help in the journey.

Is the student planning on pursuing another degree or graduate school? Finding gifts related to a grad’s passions and pursuits are always meaningful.

Backpacking through Europe or heading off for a global adventure? Travel gear, guides or journals are easy wins.

Again, you can never go wrong with books and at this stage, there is a plethora to choose from. Whether it’s a book of motivational quotes to a novel written by a grad’s hero, you can always find a book to celebrate this major milestone.

Of course, keeping personality and preference in mind while going considering graduation gift ideas can help narrow down the options. Whatever stage the graduate is at, parents and children both should enjoy the moment and this amazing achievement.