Last-minute DIY Halloween Costumes Under a Budget

Do-it-yourself Halloween costumes under budget

Are you, your family and friends still trying to figure out what to wear on Halloween and cutting it scary close to fright night? Don’t worry. Here are some easy, do-it-yourself ways to create costumes for all kids, from the crib to college and beyond, that are creative and will come under budget!

Ghoulish finds right at home

This goes without saying, but sometimes we get caught up in the busy-ness of life and forget that there is a treasure trove of costume ideas right in our own closets! Maybe there are even costumes with the tags still on them that were purchased on sale once upon a time that have been forgotten? It happens!

There’s so much you can use around the house to create a great costume. What’s in the art box? Multi-coloured pom-poms can create an instant gumball machine costume if you attach them to a baby’s hat or a child or adult shirt with wear red pants and a red hat. Add a little sign that says 25 cents and everyone will get the idea!

If there’s any glitter in the house, sparkles can be the start of an enchanted fairy or princess costume. Purple balloons left over from a party? Blow them up, attach to a shirt and you’re a bunch of grapes

Check out your closets for clothes that can be worn a different way to create a new look. Are there any worn out pieces can be sewn into something ghoulish? Kids’ toy boxes often already pieces that can be put together for fun costumes. Hockey sticks and masks can turn a little one into an instant NHL-er. A toy tool belt can lead to the perfect construction costume. Tacky tourist? Bet there are some shirts, shorts, socks and sandals that can help you fit the bill!

There are lots of budget-friendly Halloween costume ideas for kids! Creating a costume from what you already have is awesome. You can still have tons of fun and you don’t have to spend any money!

Go to the local thrift store

You can find a lot of bargains at the local thrift shop if you search hard enough. Believe it or not, the costume section may still have some Halloween costumes for sale as stock is coming in. Even if you can’t find a full outfit, just take a walk through the aisles and you can discover deals on pieces that you can put together for just about anything.

A yellow and black striped shirt can help turn you or your little one into a bumblebee, sparkly red shoes can lead to an instant “Dorothy” from the Wizard of Oz, or finding vintage pieces can create a look from another era (think of a flapper girl from the 1920s or a flower child of the 1970s). I’ve even seen a person just put a lampshade on their head and enjoying Halloween festivities! It’s all about using your imagination!

Halloween costumes under budget at the dollar store

You can really stick to your budget with finds from the dollar store. There are so many items that can be turned into creative costumes that are as simple or as complicated as you choose. Create a pizza slice costume with some construction paper: cut out red circles and attach them to an old beige shirt to dress and you’re good to go! Inexpensive Halloween make-up can help create a zombie or monster kind of look. Witch hats, cat's ears, fairy wings...they’re all there! You just have to find clothes at home to complete the look and it will be at a minimal cost!

Halloween is a time of year where we can all play dress up. No matter what the costume, know that you don’t have to spend a scary amount of money, to have fun and get into the spirit!

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