A mother’s vision, a young boy’s adventure

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A parent’s foresight can have such an impact on a child’s future opportunities. After receiving an eBirthday card for her son from CST this past month, one such parent, Jill Everett-Young, mother of Joseph (Joey), describes that moment that her decisions changed both of her sons’ lives in her own words:

"In the autumn of 1990, Evan was nearly three, Joey 20 months, and I was a month away from delivering my youngest son. We took the boys to the Port Perry Fall Fair to ride the very scary miniature trains and rocket ships. CST had an information booth at the Fair, and at the time I honestly had no idea that RESPs even existed. The people managing the booth were open and friendly. John Sessions was the CST Sales Representative that came to our home to open our Plans, and I recall that he was very friendly and answered all of our questions. It suddenly seemed like exactly the right thing to do, to save for the boys' education, and I have NEVER regretted the decision to open a CST Plan.”

According to Jill, CST was the first to offer her family the chance to open RESPs for her sons.

Joey, the middle child of the family, used his CST RESP to study at the University of Toronto where he graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Cognitive Sciences and Philosophy, and a minor in Biology. When not studying and playing rugby, Joey could be found visiting the hallowed halls of University of Toronto’s Hart House, where he would marvel at the historic documents and media files that are housed there.

Following university, Joey’s love of adventure, challenge and helping others led him to joining the Canadian Forces, in part because his father served in the Royal Canadian Navy. Joey feels that his education prepared him well for his career in the Canadian Forces because “his job is to protect society.” Joey is posted all over Canada where he engages in protecting everything from people to polar bears!

Joey’s proud mother says:

“I tell you, I am so very proud of Joey, but I get flashes of memories of when he was small.” At times like those, my heart longs for a visit to the days when he was safe in his little white bed with his brothers across the room, and those little framed “CST degrees” that promised them a future, hanging on the wall.  I cannot believe how the years have gone by since then, but CST has been solid as a rock and a big part of their success.  So, I thank CST on behalf of our family.  And you can be 100% assured that when my grandchildren make their appearances, CST is where we will go to start their plans.”

We want to thank Jill Everett-Young for her heartfelt story, and for allowing CST to be a part of her son’s life and journey of learning and achieving. We salute her foresight as a parent and wish the entire family the very best in the years to come. 

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