My RESP with CST helped me focus on my academics

Launched in 2014, CST has a paid summer intern program for CST beneficiaries. We asked them to share their experiences of pursuing a post-secondary degree and how having a CST RESP helped them complete their academic aspirations without worrying about financial debt.

This is Calvin’s story:

One-hundred-thousand-dollars.  Would you believe that’s the price tag that can come with a 4-year University degree while living away from home?

Sounds daunting doesn’t it?  Well Calvin has a very optimistic approach to the financial burden.  

Having the opportunity to get a post-secondary education is something Calvin says is extremely important.

“Being a student is exciting nowadays due to the various innovations in field of education. There are new ways to learn that did not exist previously such as the use of computers to enhance learning, laboratories, and simulations. We are constantly interacting with our peers as new programs encourage a more collaborative and discussion learning style than simple memorization and theory. Also, post secondary education introduces us to new experiences, friends, and knowledge that are an important stage in our development.”

Calvin sees the increasingly high cost of education and the huge competition for graduate programs as the biggest challenges.

When Calvin was just 2-years old his parents moved to Canada from India to build a better life for him and his brother.  He’s now studying at McMaster University to fulfil his long-time dream of becoming a Cardiologist.

Calvin knew that his education wouldn’t be cheap, especially if he wanted to go to his preferred post-secondary school.

“I have just completed my first year at McMaster. I live in Markham so I stayed in residence on campus.  For second year I’m moving into a house with a couple of friends.”  Calvin says that “the high cost of campus living and meal plan often deters students from attending universities far from home and thus “commuter” universities such as York or University of Toronto are viewed as more affordable.”

Fortunately, Calvin’s neighbour introduced his parents to the benefits of having a CST RESP.  My parents starting an RESP with CST undoubtedly gave me the freedom of choice regarding choosing which post secondary institution I wanted to attend by helping to offset the high cost of education and living. McMaster was my first choice for a university due to its high standard of education and campus life.”

With his brother currently attending medical school overseas and he is studying at McMaster, he says the RESP allows funds to be available for both of their educations while alleviating the financial burden on his parents.

Having the opportunity to get a post-secondary education is something Calvin says is extremely important.

“In our current society, many careers require post-secondary education such as bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.