Natasha Goncharenko on her future and the power of human potential

CST Graduate Award winner Natasha Goncharenko

For Natasha, the future is limitless. She is excited about the options that await her as she embarks on her Master’s Degree in Clinical Science in Speech Language Pathology at Queen’s University.  She keeps an open mind when thinking about which areas within her field she will focus on, but she is sure about one thing – she will combine all that she will learn with the latest and greatest tools to give people a voice, quite literally. Natasha explains, “As a clinician, I'd like to help people become independent and to give them something I'm so grateful to have, which is speech.” The proceeds of the Rowland Lloyd Award from the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation will allow Natasha to pursue what she is most passionate about, as opposed to something that was more affordable, “It gave me that breadth of opportunity that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I can now follow my passion without worrying about financial obligations.”

Commenting on her combined load of academics and extra curriculars, she says “On days when I feel like I've maybe taken on too much, I just look back on those moments when I really felt I'd changed someone's life or they'd changed mine as well. It keeps everything in perspective.”

Natasha’s advice is to always challenge ways of seeing and understanding. Working with people on the autism spectrum, with Downs Syndrome and with acquired brain injury has taught her this important lesson: that “exceptional” is about more than just your grades or your extracurriculars. It is also about what makes you unique and what perspective you can bring to the world.  She starts the next chapter of her life with that in mind  ̶  excited for what is to come and humbled by the potential of those she will treat!

Natasha Goncharenko on her future and the power of human potential | CST Blog | C.S.T. Consultants Inc.


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