Post-secondary education today will help Canadian graduates build a better tomorrow

Every parent wishes success for their child, in their career, their relationships and throughout life. As you prepare your child for the world out there, know that there is something invaluable you are doing to ensure their success. You are giving them them access to the higher education, something they’ll need to survive in an everchanging job market!

Are you wondering how? With your CST RESP you have already been smartly saving money for your child’s future education. So that when they are ready to study, you’ll be ready to help pay for it. That’s why the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and Employment and Skills Development Canada declare one week in each November’s Financial Literacy Month campaign as Education Savings Week. So this November 17-23, take the opportunity to learn more about he benefits of setting smart financial goals and managing your household income.

But what does the future hold for your children and how can higher education prepare them for it? Think about the constant advances in technology, artificial intelligence and science around you: they’re changing the job landscape at warp speed. They’re opening new doors and closing others, as some jobs become obsolete. To succeed in this ever-changing reality, tomorrow’s graduates will need to be adaptable, and have both cross-functional skills and the ability to see things from different perspectives. Post-secondary education teaches all this, along with traits like leadership, intuition and social intelligence – and all of these will be vital to navigate the future.

As any university student’s parents will tell you, post-secondary education can come with steep costs, and these are only going to go up every year. In fact, by 2037, it could cost as much as $168,000 for a four-year university degree, if your child attends university.

This is where your CST RESP will make a huge difference to your family’s education savings goals. You can add to your savings by maximizing the government grants your RESP qualifies for in the year. That means if you invest $2,500 a year into your RESP, you’ll get the maximum amount of $500 for that year up to a lifetime maximum of $7,200 per child!

Fast forward to your child crossing the stage to receive his or her Bachelor’s, Master’s or even Doctorate degree. In order to adapt to the demands of an everchanging job market, your child will have to be a lifelong learner. They’ll need to learn new skills to adapt to morphing roles, and land new jobs.

With change comes opportunity, and it looks like our future graduates will have plenty of opportunity at their fingertips. When you think about it, 20 years ago, none of us had even heard of careers such as content writers, SEO specialists and alternative energy engineers! Today, there may be a future crypto currency banker, a privacy specialist, alternative energy engineer, or even a human organ designer sitting at your kitchen table – all high potential careers as forecasted by Macleans.

One thing we at CST do believe in- is the potential of tomorrow’s graduates. These young Canadians will have to navigate an everchanging job landscape, and a post-secondary education can position them well on their various paths to success.

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