Putting the brakes on summer road trip expenses

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Plan in advance to make sure you don't burn out your budget

What better time to take a road trip than the summer?  Load up the car, pack snacks and games for the kids and head out on your family adventure!  Admittedly along the journey, it can be easy to spend more than you planned.   Unexpected expenses come up – everything from surprise treats to a flat tire can be costly.  Here the top 5 tips from our CST family to keep your family's road trip on track!

1. Plan your route and rest stops ahead of time:  this will help put the brakes on wasting time and money.  If you know where you’re going, you will spend less time searching and running low on fuel.  There are lots of mobile apps these days to help map out your trip and even alert you to quicker routes.

Father and Daughter Looking at Laptop

Map out your trip in advance with the help of different websites and mobile apps!  

2. Hit the road early:  avoid the kid-ache of rush hour.  You and your family are less likely to get stuck in traffic and more likely to get where you need to go faster, which means saving on fuel costs.  It can also mean you don’t have to spend money on another hotel stay.

Mother, Daughter and Teddy Bear

Rise and shine!  Leaving early for that road trip can mean cost savings.

3. Don’t travel on holiday weekends.  Sometimes easier said than done but if you can swing it, doing so can turn into big savings.  Rates and gas prices go up considerably during those peak times. 

Avoid the long weekend.mark ups.

4. Find savings by figuring out where you’ll be staying overnight in advance instead of winging it.  Check out various websites to find lower rates on hotels.  There are also many group buying websites that may feature summer hotel deals.  You know your budget; just find the rate that suits best.  We all know a great way to save money is to go camping.  But, you can make camping even cheaper by going off the beaten path.  head to less "touristy" spots and check out lesser known (and perhaps FREE) campsites.  It's easy to research online and find unique campsites and savings before you pitch the tent.  

mother and daughter smiling

To camp or not to camp?  

5. Managing mealtime money:  This is definitely a big one.  Instead of spending money at restaurants, pack your snacks and meals.  Fill up a cooler with food, water and snacks.  By bringing your own food, you're not only keeping your spending in check, you're also making sure you have healthy meals on the road!

Family picnic

Pack a cooler instead of eating out!

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