Q & A with CST Learning Project Finalist: Farmers in the Classroom

Farmers in the Classroom, students learning about where food comes from

Q &A with Abbie Darnley – Farmers in the Classroom: What do you eat?

What is your idea and how will it help children learn?

Farmers in the classroom is a hands on interactive program that teaches students where their everyday food items like popcorn, cheese, chocolate, cereal and more come from. This is not just about fruits and vegetables. This program allows students to learn about the importance of bees and how they pollinate, the different stages of growing food, what makes up a healthy dinner plate and so much more.  The program helps kids make connections between land and table.  It also helps students gain perspective when it comes to farming, agriculture and its impact on both the local and global community. 

How did your idea start? /What was the inspiration for your idea?

The program idea developed when I realized my own kids did not understand where food comes from. To them, food magically appeared on our table.  

What kind of a difference can your project make to Canadian children and their communities?

Teaching our children where their food comes from is essential to the future of Canada's agriculture industry. Education is critical; as a community, we need to bring farming back into our lives. This program teaches kids all about what farmers do through the various seasons.  After all, "farmers feed cities".  Perhaps most importantly, this program will teach kids about healthy eating and taking care of their bodies.    This project will allow us to reach over 3200 students across Simcoe County. The success of this program will help build the future path for other communities to participate as the program continues to expand.

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