Take Your Kid to Work Day

Student at CST Consultants Inc for Take Your Kid to Work Day 2016

By Ihaab Sheikh

It's "Take Your Kid to Work Day" and honestly, coming into the building, I didn’t know what to expect.  As soon as I walked into CST Consultants Inc., I could tell that there was a great community feel and everybody knew each other and were all super polite.

I also met two super cool guys, Omar and Theo, to enjoy this great experience with.

(Left to right):  Ihaab, Omar and Theo at CST's Head Office for "Take Your Kid to Work Day".

 The first thing I did was go sit with a telephone representative who taught me a lot about how to answer calls and on making sure to double check your work while still working quickly.  

Next, I got to sit with my dad, who works in the Finance Department, and learn what he does at work.  I then got to meet all the great people that he works with every day. I even helped him out with some filing, which was a pretty cool experience to see what it is like to do work at an office.

Ihaab learning the ropes with his dad, Amir. 

Finance is just one of the many departments at CST which Ihaab visited on "Take Your Kid to Work Day".

Then we had lunch together, which was delicious and had some really interesting and funny conversations.

After that I went to Communications and learned about different social media platforms and blogs that CST has, and about different community events.  I was also interviewed and got a chance to write this blog.

I visited other different sections and they were fun to learn about.

Something that I have to take away from this is that there is a lot more going on inside a office than just people sitting around quietly and doing work.  Instead, it’s like a machine and that you need every piece for the machine to work perfectly.

Ihaab is a grade 9 student who is thinking about a career in mechanical engineering.  He also thinks the ultimate dream job is being a basketball player.

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