Tim Wu (Bill Winsor Award) on his future at the nexus of entrepreneurship and research

CST Graduate Award winner Tim Wu

Tim Wu is curious.  From a very early age, he has always wanted to understand and improve the world around him. Throughout his high school years, Tim channeled his curiosity into the sciences. He has won numerous academic prizes and scholarships recognizing his ingenuity and original research as well as for his work to connect youth to the still inaccessible world of scientific research.  Now, as he prepares to start his undergraduate studies in Bio Engineering at Stanford University, he sees his future at the “nexus of entrepreneurship and research.”  Tim plans to leverage the scientific knowledge and skills he will acquire at Stanford to disrupt conventional processes and create innovative and accessible new treatments for cardiac disease. He explains, “I really think disruptive entrepreneurship is a huge way to bring about change as it enables us to approach problem solving from a different perspective.” 

For other students who are about to embark on an academic career, and who may be asking themselves, ‘what’s next?’ or, ‘how can I do better?’ − he has the following advice; “I think there are people that you look up to, and there are people that you learn from.  But I think you should never strictly follow in the path of someone else, but rather do what you feel passionate about.”  The proceeds from Tim’s Bill Winsor Award from CST Consultants Inc. will help him focus more on the value, and less the cost, of an Ivey League education – because he knows he will go much further that way.