Tips for Making Quick, Easy and Healthy Meals for the Family

How to make quick easy and healthy meals

By: Jennifer Palisoc

Life is busy. Families are pressed for time rushing from A to B; from school to hockey or dance practice and other activities. Although schedules can get hectic it’s important to fuel ourselves with healthy food, and if we can save a bit of time in the process, even better!

Here are some ideas to help you get lunch and dinner made in a snap!

Make meal prep easy with a little planning

Plan ahead: This point can’t be stressed enough. Taking some time to look ahead to the next week and creating a menu and grocery list can save you both money and time.  

The importance of grocery lists: Santa Claus isn’t the only one who benefits from making a list and checking it twice. Doing this before you hit the store will help arm you with what you need, and better quip you to avoid the cake or cookies calling your sweet tooth from aisle 5! This strategy  not only makes for healthier meals, it can help lower the grocery bill.

Tips for making quick and delicious work week lunches

Meal prep: Set aside part of a Sunday to wash and chop vegetables for the week. You’ll be able to grab, pack and go, quickly whenever you need to. It also helps to have these prepared veggies on hand for the times when you get home, exhausted from the day and need to come up with dinner in a flash. They can quickly be tossed into a stir-fry or salad for a quick and healthy meal.

Leftovers for lunch: That stir-fry dinner can make for a tasty lunch! Just make extra that night to help stretch the meal into the next day. This way, you know you’ll have a delicious lunch, which can help steer you away from the restaurant or drive-thru that’s close to the office and help save you cash. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Plus, it can help you be a back- to- school lunch superhero with your kids.

Other mealtime savers

Big batches: Making bigger batches of your family’s favourite casseroles or stews can help make mealtime down the road quick, easy and healthy. Just freeze extra servings to heat up at a later date. . Look online for recipes that you can make ahead of time and freeze.

Save time with the slow-cooker: There’s nothing like having dinner ready when you arrive home at the end of a busy day. Try to anticipate hectic nights and get the slow-cooker or crockpot working in your favour. You won’t have to chop or cook, which is wonderful on those days when you’re bone-tired and just want a good home-cooked meal.

Savour the sweet stuff: Taking time to wash and portion out fruits like berries, is also a great way to have these sweet delights easily on hand so you can grab and go. Whether you’re tossing them into oatmeal or a breakfast smoothie, a salad or as a healthy dessert, having them at the ready means saving some time. If you’re making granola or some kind of family favourite square – making extra means you can freeze them for the future and just pop them into lunches or bring them out to defrost for a yummy dessert! Plus, if you’ve made them yourself, you know what’s in them and you can even create healthier versions of these treats.

Making the effort to incorporate these simple and easy meal planning tips can help save you time and money. Not only that, but you and your family will be nourished with healthy meals that will keep you strong as you’re racing the clock trying to get to the next activitiy.

Jennifer loves getting to the heart of a good story. As a former television news reporter, she knows great stories are shared when people truly 'connect’. Jennifer also enjoys spending time with family and friends. A proud auntie to her niece and nephews, she can be found carpooling or chasing them on the playground! Jennifer is CST’s Social Media & Communications Specialist. You can also catch her on the volleyball court, on social or planning her next adventure!
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