This unselfish birthday act is truly inspiring!


CST helps #BTsuperkids

Super heroes aren't just for make believe.  Meet, Charlotte
Carter - Osburn.  Charlotte is the first of three #BTsuperkids and is a true super hero to the kids in her class and community.

Charlotte did something different for her birthday this year.  Instead of presents she asked her friends to donate food.  Charlotte noticed there were too many kids in her class that didn't have enough food for lunch and were going hungry.  Her mom said it was making her really sad and she couldn’t stop thinking about it.  That’s how Charlotte came up with the idea of asking for food instead of the latest Frozen doll. What a haul!


The team at Breakfast Television contacted CST to tell us about Charlotte and a few other #BTsuperkids and asked us if we'd like to help.  Inspired by their acts of heroics CST was happy to, the best way we could, with the gift of education.

Super Kids Week on BT

BT host Kevin Frankish helped present Charlotte with a CST RESP for $1,000.
So what does this super kids want to be when she grows up?  A veterinarian.  Mom Lisa just wants her baby close to home for school.  Good thing Kevin mentioned there are lots of vet schools nearby!

Charlotte and big cheque

Congratulations Charlotte - you are truly a #BTsuperkid and CST is happy to help make your dreams of becoming a vet come true.
This unselfish birthday act is truly inspiring! | CST Blog | C.S.T. Consultants Inc.


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