The ups and downs of the first few weeks of back to school

Jack - first day wide smile

By Edyta McKay

I can definitely say I’m breathing a big sigh of relief knowing that back to school week is finally in the books and we have started to feel some sort of a routine kicking in.

Although I’ll admit it was relatively pain free for our little guy who started his new adventure in JK. 

Success equaled shedding just a few tears, no major injuries, no yelling or tantrums and the kids weren’t kicking and screaming to start off their Monday into Week 2.  Did we get there?  Sort of.


The ups

1)      Getting out the door on time is working well.  Lunches are consistently being made early in the morning, clothing laid out the night before and everything is ready at the door when it was time to leave.  

Jack - first day backpack

Jack getting everything ready on the big day.

2)      Our little guy didn’t cry at all so far although he was definitely shy and bit nervous on the first day when he heard some cries coming from his fellow classmates and grownups. 

“I love you buddy!”  “One last kiss, I’ll miss you!”  “We’re going to see you soon, don’t worry.”

“Have an awesome day champ.”

These were just some of the phrases heard being echoed by parents in the school yard that day.  My personal favourite; “Okay kiddo, we’re coming up to the big game. Let’s do this!”

3)      The little guy made a friend.  Apparently they bonded over spit balls.  (Sigh).  The friend he made was actually one of the children who had a hard time on the first day of school.  So we challenged Jack to use this new found friendship to help make the idea of JK a little less nerve-wrecking for his new buddy. Jack rose to the challenge.

Jack - first day walk

Walk on the first day of school!

The downs

1)      It’s taken us a few days to figure out who was in charge of drop off and pick up.  The first day didn’t go that well, I was pretty late getting to work and our little daughter was very late for her Montessori class.  But since, we’ve adjusted our schedules and changed who was in charge of drop off and pick up to make things work.    Now, if only traffic would cooperate I’ll be laughing.

2)      The final day of the last week of school made my heart sink a bit.  Because I haven’t been doing the drop off, I didn’t know until later in the day that my 4 year old was taking part in a lockdown exercise at school.  How did I find out?  My husband who writes for Yahoo! sent me this story.  (Warning to all parents:  this will make your heart sink as well.) 

It’s a stark reminder to parents about not only educating your kids about the ABC’s and 123’s in life but to also help educate them about the other parts of life that just don’t come from a text book.  It’s a challenge that no parenting book can really prepare you for and that parents should embrace as an opportunity to help their kids grow into smart and responsible teens and adults. 

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