What Being a Canadian Student Means to Me

Amrita Taitram, bénéficiaire de CST, université, étudiante, études postsecondaires

By: Amrita Taitram

I feel lucky and proud to be a Canadian student because our country is so diverse and accepting of everyone. Being a Canadian student gives me the opportunity to go to an institution that has all the resources I need at my fingertips, in order to succeed in my career endeavours. Throughout my education, my opinions and ideas have been welcomed by my peers and teachers, which has helped shape me in to a more confident individual. I feel privileged to have a Canadian education.

When I was a little girl, my parents would always say: “People can steal your materialistic objects, but they can never snatch the knowledge you have.” I never truly understood what this meant when I was a child, but the older I got, the more I valued these words.

I am a Public Policy and Political Science Major at the University of Toronto. Post-secondary education has taught me much more than what is written in a textbook or any class lecture. It has helped open doors to explore my potential and discover not only what the world has to offer, but also what I have to offer to the world as a global citizen.

It has made me a better communicator, a great listener and a critical thinker - attributes that I find important in order to succeed in my career path. I have become a great communicator by interacting with other students. I have also become a great listener, not only by attending lectures, but by also engaging with peers who have similar goals as I do and getting involved in extra-curricular activities.

Post-secondary education is an exceptional experience but one challenge many face is that it is expensive. When I was 6 years old, my parents began saving for my education through a CST Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Twelve years later, I'm very grateful to my parents for this because it has allowed me to focus on enjoying the full experience of post-secondary education and contributing my full-potential, rather than allowing financial barriers to impede my experience.

Planning and saving for higher education helps lessen the financial burden for students and their families.  Students are able to focus on enjoying the post-secondary experience and learning as much as possible, including discovering who they want to be. I believe that post-secondary education is vital because you obtain the knowledge needed to showcase your skill set, whether it is through class presentations or conferences offered by the school. Many activities allow students to gain leadership skills that will help them prepare for greater roles in their future.

After finishing university and receiving my degree in Public Policy and Political Science in the next two years, I will be privileged enough to have a Canadian education that will open up numerous career opportunities, and allow me to achieve my  goals.. The knowledge I have gained over the four years I have spent in university will help guide me throughout my lifetime, thanks to this wonderful country that we live in.

Amrita Taitram is a CST beneficiary, and is studying Public Policy and Political Science at the University of Toronto.