Creativity is about more than creating beautiful works of art. It means having an entrepreneurial eye to ask the right questions that generate novel ideas, and it means putting those ideas into practice. Each day, we as humans have a choice to either stay the course or to push the envelope of our own understanding, beliefs and biases. When we give ourselves freedom and permission to blaze new trails, amazing things can happen.

Learning and innovation go hand in hand, especially when there’s a chance to co-create and collaborate along the way. As we navigate major world events, this important moment in history offers a new way to think about education. With infinite data at our fingertips innovating for good makes the impossible possible in times of uncertainty.

Hunster Yang_Grad Awards 2019 winne

Innovating with character happens when grit and perseverance meet science and technology. It’s an integral part of showing resilience through innovation and using innovation for good in times of uncertainty and as we navigate of world events.