5 reasons to thank Dad this Father’s Day

A father helping his son drive a bicycle

June is the month we celebrate Dads, and the major influence they’ve had on making us the people we are today. (Of course, your Mom has also helped shape you too, but this is Dad’s month to shine!) From teaching you valuable life skills, to showing you how to be a good person, to being your biggest fan, your Dad has been behind you (often quite literally) every step of the way. So, just in time for Father’s Day, here’s a reminder of some of the things you might want to thank Dad for.

Thank Dad for keeping you balanced (quite literally!)

Think back … way back. Do you remember your Dad helping to steady you while you learned how to walk? If that memory is too far back, then how about this one: do you remember Dad holding onto you as you teetered on your ice skates? Or how about Dad running behind you to launch your first two-wheel solo ride? Childhoods are made up of a myriad of milestones like these and chances are your Dad was a big part of many of them.

Thank Dad for teaching you all those life skills.

As an adult, you have all kinds of invaluable life skills to pass on to your children. You’ll want to share the value of earning and saving, how to balance finances, how to invest. And there all those other life skills too: how to fix a bike, a car, a sink, a booboo. And what might be the biggest life skill of all: how to bounce back from failure to land on your feet again. Who taught you all these life skills? Chances are, you owe a lot of this to your Dad.

Thank Dad for passing on some great parts of himself.

While some of what you’ve inherited from Dad may be obvious –- like his eye colour or that dimple in his chin – other passed-on traits may not be so overt. Think about it: do you take care of your family the way he took care of you? Do you spend quality time together doing some of the same things you did as a child? Do you have the same approach to saving money? Many traits are passed on without you even realizing you have them. In fact, if you’re a Dad now, you’re likely passing some of these things down to your own children.

Thank Dad for being one of your biggest fans.

Dads cheer on our accomplishments big and small – all the way through adulthood. Sometimes the praise is quiet, sometimes the cheering is loud and proud. Dad has undoubtedly regaled relatives and friends with many stories of your successes (and your children's successes) again and again.

Thank Dad for teaching you the importance of a saving towards a good education.

From helping you grasp new concepts at school to celebrating your various academic successes, Dad never stopped pushing you to push yourself further. Did he also help pay for your education so that you could avoid student loans and stay focused on your studies? Did his views of the importance of higher education get passed down on you? If you haven’t already, consider opening a CST RESP to help save towards your child’s higher education. Just think of it as paying it forward; you’ll be doing for your child what your Dad did for you. Now that’s something that will make your Dad proud.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads-to-be, dads and granddads out there … your kids have so much to thank you for!

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